A love for collecting jewelry started very early for Facets Artisan Jewelry Designer, Carol Skiles. Her hobby for acquiring unique pieces soon evolved into landing her very first job selling artisan jewelry, to learning the art of designing wearable pieces to make a little extra money while raising her family.  This "side job" not only helped financially, but fed the craving for creativity as well. In 2013, her family's needs came first, and she tucked her jeweler's tools away for a few years.

In 2017, Carol moved from  Northern California to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to start a brand-new chapter in her life with her husband and best friend. While unpacking her boxes in their new home, Carol found her tools and set up shop once again.

"I have always had an innate desire to express myself in whatever I do, and Kevin not only recognizes it, but whole heartedly supports my need to create." 

Carol has always had a love for jewelry and the sentimental ties it has to a person, place, or event in one's life. Combined with her love for the ocean, Carol's jewelry designs are inspired by the coast and share the uniqueness and ever-changing rhythm of the tide.